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  • Singha Durbar(10-12)

    February 28, 2016 •CULTURE, LIFESTYLE •Author:

     Here I present you the summary of next three episodes of SinghaDurbar. Gradually this series has been coming towards the end. It had been a habit among lot of people to watch this. We now have got one episode remaining. Episode 10 Tenth episode of Singha Durbar begins with the title of...

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  • Singha Durbar (7-9)

    February 20, 2016 •CULTURE, LIFESTYLE •Author:

    Again, thanking everyone for loving my previous post, here I present next three episodes summary of Singha Durbar. Few episodes of Singha Durbar, seems to be getting really famous, like Episode 7, where library gets burnt, or the 9th where Birgunj Incident is taken. Episode 7 This very much...

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  • Singha Durbar (4-6)

    January 29, 2016 •CULTURE, LIFESTYLE •Author:

    I must express my sincere thanks for liking my previous Singha Durbar’s post. With really impressive views, I could not give second thought on not posting the second version from fourth to sixth episode of SinghaDurbar. I was impressed enough to see other bloggers posting about it as well,...

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  • Singha Durbar (1-3)

    January 21, 2016 •CULTURE, LIFESTYLE •Author:

    With financial support of USAIDS, under the direction of Tsering Rhitar Sherpa and production of Serena Rix Tripathee, Search For Common Ground Nepal, and Common Ground Productions has introduced: Singhadurbar is series of political drama. It has 13 episodes, and is built with the entire investment...

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  • Message to Madhesi Youth

    November 22, 2015 •NEPAL •Author:

    Dear Madhesi Youth friends, I was born and raised in Terai. I understand the language and I know the culture/customs to a large extent. I used to cut banana trees during Chhath Puja, and excitedly eat the Prasad after the puja. My next door neighbor was a Madhesi. And, before you make judgement...

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  • Is Marriage a Private Affair?

    April 23, 2015 •NEPAL •Author:

    Is marriage a private affair? My teacher asked whole class before teaching the lesson. ‘Marriage is a private affair’ by Chinua Achebe. Few guys said from the back, Yes it is! I shouted Nah! It is not. How can it be private affair? What is there so private in marriage? If you talk...

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