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    Student of Literature and Folklore

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    Reading, writing, photography, coffee drinking, studying military folkore

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    I am a college student majoring in English and minoring in Folklore and hoping to become a military folklorist. I am constantly reading and writing papers but I like to read cheap novels on the side. I am fascinated by how people react to the space they are in and am unabashedly a “people-watcher”. I love coffee and often take pictures of my coffee and my food for my Instagram.
    Currently I am preparing for graduation and working on a research project on top of my regular schoolwork. It’s a lot of reading but I enjoy it.


  • The Scheme – Part I

    April 1, 2015 •FICTION •Author:

    He hated this part. Absolutely hated it. If only he didn’t have to. It left scars all over his arm as is he was a beaten slave. He didn’t trust them either, not at all. He wanted to scream and shout at everyone„ but that wouldn’t do any good. Maybe he could make himself disappear. …...

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  • Tender Twinkles

    January 23, 2015 •CULTURE •Author:

    In the summer children spend early evening catching fireflies but adults spend that same time wondering. They wonder why a firefly lights up. They wonder why fireflies don’t live very long. And then they wonder about tomorrow and forget about the fate and purpose of fireflies. Though fireflies...

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  • I am New

    January 23, 2015 •NON-FICTION •Author:

    I am new I am me Waiting to feel the warmth In my skin, In my hair, In my body A moment gone I am new again Reborn Over and over again In tragedies, In comedies, In horrors Like Spring renewed I am new The warmth filters down In my skin, In my hair, In …...

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