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    Master's Degree in IT Management

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    Project Manager at DNI US

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    Photography, Travel, Makeup and Beauty

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    Born in Nepal and living in Minneapolis, I am trailing my love towards Fashion & Style via my blog sarmash.com. As a teenager, fashion magazines were my greatest motivation and today I enjoy getting inspired by the evolution of style around me via blogs and web magazines. I love seeing any woman dress up to their best and that is something that has always pushed me to dress alluringly. I am very passionate about head-turning fashion trends that is chic yet simple and I love to try standout beauty products. I consider in dressing up comfortably but the finest for each occasion.

    To me, fashion is a way to boost my self-confidence and I strongly believe that feeling confident and fabulous should be everyday style choice. Besides my adoration for fashion, I am finishing up my Master’s degree in Information Technology Management and see myself working as an Information Technology Manager in the near future. Please visit my blog at http://www.sarmash.com for more details!


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    Happy Fall! Finally, my favorite season of the year is here and I cannot express how happy I am that it is finally September.  The feeling that it is going to get cold soon scares me a little but I am just NOT into hot and sweaty weather so fall is my perfect setting. Not only it …...

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    September 6, 2015 • CULTURE, SOCIETY • Author:

    Bohemian print is a popular trend that is seen very often during the hot seasons. I love the interesting graphics prints and it is just so easy to work with it. I love prints and colors and therefore I see myself rocking them along the rest of the summer. This summer I have been loving to keep...

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