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    Prachi Ayer

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    Art, Writing

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    A dreamer who writes about her dreams on the wall and does everything she can to make it happen.

    A Traveler who explores life beyond her imagination.

    A Thinker who discover thoughts that mold who she is from the inside.

    A writes who writes about how  she would feels if she were in love and during heartbreaks

    A Person who makes a stranger smile every day.

    A soul which is on fire to do new adventures everyday

    An artist who draws what she is looking at.

    A believer who wants to look back at life and does not want to regret so that she can leave this place a little better than when she found it.


  • Jogi Smoking! Art by Prachi

    January 6, 2018 •ART, OTHER •Author:

    Submit Your Photo/Sketch Today!   Jogi Smoking.  Reflection of Nepal. Charcoal Sketch by Prachi     See more from the Artist Illuminating the World, one Junkiri at a Time – a Reflection on our First Meetup Event...

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  • Daal, Bhaat – The Culture Reflector

    August 9, 2016 •CULTURE •Author:

    Pic by:  Sonia I hail from a country that is multicultural, multiethnic and multilinguist. Nepal is known for its cultural and religious diversity which also includes a variety of food associated with various cultures and religions. In a country with 8 religions and more than 100 ethnic groups,...

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