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    Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance & Marketing with certification in Financial Planning

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    Client Servicing Manager

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    Reading, writing, traveling and photography

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    Writer, Reader and always thirsty for knowledge. I write through my experiences and let the world be my guide.


  • My Once Broken Smile to New Beginnings: The Journey of Heartache

    March 18, 2017 • NON-FICTION • Author:

    Yes, it's all true. We’ve all experienced the kind of love that happens when two flames combust, causing fireworks that leave you with burns to heal over time. And, scars that never fade. This is the kind of love they write novels and symphonies about. The same ones we write poetry about. The...

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  • Identity Theft: Know What to do and How to be Safe

    February 16, 2017 • WELLNESS • Author:

    Identity theft is a common crime in the United States. It happens when someone accesses private information of yours and uses it to take over your identity. Once they have access to all of your accounts and personal information, they are able to cause chaos in your life. It's easy to get caught and...

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  • Something You’d Miss

    December 11, 2016 • POETRY • Author:

    I still remember the look on your face. The words that you whispered, For just us to know. But now I sit alone - remembering you. All that I know is, I don’t know how to be something you’d miss. Never imagined we’d end like this - Your name forever on my lips. I still …...

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  • Everything you Need to Know about Working on an F1 Visa

    November 27, 2016 • CAREER • Author:

    With higher tuitions, intensive course loads and specific time frames in which undergrad needs to be completed, being an International Student on an F1 visa has never been more difficult. Luckily, being able to work doesn't have to be so tough! As you may be aware, the first step in gaining...

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  • Write a Winning Resume with these Great Tips!

    October 22, 2016 • CAREER • Author:

    Finding a job can be tough - but not so tough when you have a good resume. A good resume will represent the best of you. It will take all the experience you’ve done and combine it in a perfect blend of you. When employers see your resume, it will stand out and showcase your …...

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  • Financial Planning : It’s About More Than Money – 5 Crucial steps...

    July 26, 2016 • WELLNESS • Author:

    Financial security is possibly one of the most overlooked elements in today’s day and age simply due to the mere misconception that it is impossible to obtain. Financial Planning is the first step towards the security you are looking for. I work within the financial services industry in the heart...

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  • How to Manage Stress at Work

    February 25, 2016 • WELLNESS • Author:

    One of the most common factors impacting productivity and development of an organization is the onset and lingering presence of stress. While managing your own stress is a battle on its own, standing in a position of leadership gives you the additional responsibility of establishing a safe...

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  • 10 Books Every Business Minded Person Should Read

    November 5, 2015 • LIFESTYLE • Author:

    Books have the power to create a whole new world in which we live. They serve as a platform to feed knowledge, fuel power, entice simplicity and cultivate creativity. As a lover of all things literary, my entrancement with various genres changes often. However, this business enthused finance ridden...

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