The Shy Guy From Last Bench


December 31, 2014 • POETRY • Author:

Late to catch up,
The sleepy eyes never were that lively,
To catch those hovering eyes or those short glances,
Short glances that were stolen,
Midst of the crowd; were evasive.

Warned and was told,
The beautiful thief,
Ever so ready; was hiding,
Never realized; taken for granted,
Sleepy eyes now seek.

Seeking in the crowd,
The thief finally; foreseen,
Adorable and life,
One of a kind,
And a life deep inside.

Never took for granted,
Loved those glances you stole,
You're special; you're me,
Keep turning back; though I would've been faded,
The shy guy from the last bench; sends a bundle of loving glances.

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