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  • 4 Himalayan Treks In Nepal to Add in Your Bucket List

    November 19, 2017 • NEPAL • Author:

    4 Adventurous Himalayan Treks In Nepal To Add In Your Bucket List. Nepal is a standout amongst the most eminent and a selective destination for the mountain and experience darlings. Treks in Nepal offers fabulous views of mountains alongside the overwhelming treks. This sole republic nation has...

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  • Mount Cook Escapades

    September 30, 2017 • TRAVEL • Author:

    Day 4. Mount Cook. I should've learnt a lesson when I fell on my behind one too many times during that hike to Roy’s Peak and should have gotten myself a proper hiking shoes. I should've learnt a lesson when the reality of Roy's Peak was marred too badly by our expectations and set a …...

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  • Route to my roots: From immigrant to traveller

    October 31, 2016 • TRAVEL • Author:

    The human population is increasing, yet the world is becoming smaller. A global movement is accessible to more people, yet the circumstances behind movement create divisions in how we see ourselves and how others perceive us. I have become well accustomed to the fine art and agony of global...

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  • A life not mine – what I learned from volunteering in rural...

    September 30, 2016 • NEPAL • Author:

    I had always wanted to volunteer and do something for my community before I got busy focusing on my career. I’ve always been interested in exploring new places and meeting new people. I like learning through experience. All of these reasons combined, motivated me to apply at...

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  • Nepali women, solitude and bravery

    September 25, 2016 • WOMEN • Author:

    Being a woman and being alone are not congruent in Nepali culture. The dominant values that prevail are about the sacredness of women and our extremely high value that must be protected. Our value is contained in just one part of our identity; our sexuality. It is seen as a precious ornament we...

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  • Glory of the Himalaya

    March 24, 2016 • NEPAL • Author:

    The Himalaya was nature’s gift to Nepal when, millions of years ago, the Indo-Australian Tectonic Plate collided with the Eurasian Tectonic Plate, forming what is now called the abode of snow (Himalaya).  It is, according to geologists, the youngest group of mountains on planet Earth.  The...

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  • The Rickshaw Ride: Fun, Fear & Reality

    February 4, 2016 • NEPAL • Author:

    I have always been very excited and glad whenever I get a chance to travel outside valley (which I don’t get mostly). This year, going to Eastern Nepal was a very magnificent experience. I had opportunity to try many things which were left undone until. One of the fun things I tried this time was...

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  • Marching!

    October 3, 2015 • TRAVEL • Author:

    Photo By: Aalutamaa I grew up in a house where walking has been regarded as the best form of exercise. Be it post lunch, dinner or a midday nap on a sunny Saturday, we have always managed to scrape out time from our busy schedules for a walk. This is how I learned to love …...

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  • Drifting With the Wind – A Journey to America

    April 22, 2015 • NON-FICTION • Author:

    “Can I have your boarding pass, sir?” Quietly, I give it to her. I get inside the plane and find the seat I am supposed to sit in. It’s nine thirty with the moon soaring high up in the sky. The sun had already set a couple of hours ago; it’s the moon’s turn now, …...

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  • Survived in the Mountains: A thrilling Story of trek to PanchPokhari

    March 31, 2015 • CULTURE, TRAVEL • Author:

    Off Season trekking…6 Trekkers. A Story! It was the mid of February and 6 of us decided to trek to PanchPokhari. From the very start of our trip, we were not getting positive signs. A local was reportedly killed by a bus at Piple, Kavre , and hence the highway was jammed. We reached Melamchi,...

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  • Things To Do in Road Trips – Part 1

    March 29, 2015 • CULTURE, TRAVEL • Author:

    Americans are real proud of vast network of roads which includes more than 4.3 million kilometer of paved roads only. While I was in Nepal and gazed down from flight, I used to see many rivers, forests, mountains, lakes, but barely few roads like ribbons. But in USA, distinct things you can observe...

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