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Dear dearest, I am a girl. You are a girl. We both identify as a bi-curious girl. No one knows what will happen in the future. But for now, we love each other and dream of living together for the rest of our lives.

Now for the sad part. I’ve heard several people say they are open to all kinds of sexuality. To hell with all of these liars who can’t even feel what they say. These people will never accept us, I will assure you that. If I were dating a guy, they wouldn’t ask me if I’m playing a prank, they wouldn’t ask me how serious I am. But with you, I have to keep reminding them that I am taken, that I have you in my life, that our relationship is like any other straight relationship, that when I text you every night I do it with the same love and emotions that they do. I have said this before, the world needs so much proof to accept love. Our ‘kind of’ love.

I came out to two of my classmates, and I regret it now. The first thing they told me once they got over the fact that we were a thing was that I needed to get into your pants. I don’t know if its the teenage hormones speaking, the modern generation that parallels love to sex, or just plain bias, but they said that. The girl in the second row recently got into a relationship with a guy, I asked them that if I had to do that, that girl had to do the same, so go tell her that. To that the hypocrites smiled and said, well for them it will take time.

Emotionally Blind

So just because I am with you, or if any girl is dating a girl or if any guy is dating a guy, we have to follow different rules now? I am so disgusted. I am more disgusted to know that people accept girl couples more than gay guy couples. I hate the world because I find google answering me that the world just loves the idea of two girls rubbing each other with boobs and whatnot. Guys rubbing their dicks against each other? Not so much.

Bi-Curious Girl

Bi-Curious Girl

They think that our love does not love, that it’s just a phase. They think that its insanity and I can be cured, I can be saved from it. And if I can’t then I’m hopeless. I become the new thing that everyone talks about and hates.

I share our sweet stories over lunch but no one smiles the way they do when she shares her stories about her date night with her boyfriend. No one teases me for blushing when I speak about you. Are we that different love? Are we that alien?

The surprising part is that all these people are people who say they are open to ‘these kinds of things’. We are a ‘kind of thing’, but they are lovers. I  don’t like this unconscious bias. I don’t like this fake acceptance. I would rather fight with people who hate and despise us than be treated differently by open liars who lie about their openness.

But, I have you. And I love you. I don’t care how open the world is to us, my heart is open for you. Bend or break it, it’s yours.

Yours dearly,

bi curious girl