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Humans have certainly come a long way, reading from leaves and stones to deciphering words and sentences from parchments and papers and today simply scrolling through reading materials on a digital screen. For an enthusiastic reader, this fact is enough to tickle more, their insatiable hunger for knowledge. For the less interested (in reading) ones, it is nothing more than a boring fact.

Reading has numerous benefits and interestingly not a single drawback. Books are our friends, ones who teach us selflessly and armor our minds with numerous defenses against ignorance. This article is for people who desire to read but are somehow lacking in the habit of reading. With this small piece, I would want to help you embark in this beautiful journey of reading.

Given below are Five, tried and tested tips for developing a reading habit that can stay with you throughout your life (provided you put in regular effort from your end)!

1. Get into conversation with people who read regularly.

People who read regularly are very knowledgeable and can make any conversation interesting, regardless of the topic. They do it so effortlessly that sometimes we even tend to call them a genius. But as we know, there is nothing called a genius, it’s hard work and tirelessly earned knowledge (by reading regularly).

When you get to talking with such people, you are bound to see the difference in the level of understanding of things between you and them. Be it the normal day to day happenings of your city, or the socioeconomic conditions of the country or the world, the political scenario or any simple topic, to begin with, they know it all! You will run out of things to say in less than a minute.

In this current generation where competition has reached its peak, each one is striving hard to be better than the other. At such a time, it is very easy for non-readers to feel left out. So, stop fretting and start reading! That is the only way to success.

2. Choose a very simple book in the beginning

If you decide to pursue the habit of reading regularly, you need to first choose a very simple book of any subject of your choice. It could be a fiction or a biography or an autobiography. This will prove as a landmark decision because you need to develop your interest in reading through this very same book.

Take your time to choose the book. You could try reading the summary at the back of the book to understand the content. Also, you could search for reviews online. For me personally, it was very easy because being an ardent lover of fiction, the first set of books I remember reading (setting aside fables and Cinderella stories of childhood) was Enid Blyton’s “The Famous Five”.

effective Reading Habit

3. Read at least 10 pages a day

In the beginning, decide the most favorable time for yourself when you can read without distractions. Now, get yourself seated and read at least 10 pages per day. It is also advisable that you do not put the book down before finishing the 10th page because for developing a habit, you need to spend a considerable amount of time on it. After a few days, you could increase the number of pages as per your convenience but the mantra is that “you should read every day without fail.”

Over time, you might even get tempted to leave the book unfinished but remember that the key to overcoming your weakness is persistence. Keep moving and never look back!

4. Prepare a reward for yourself every time you finish a book

Prizes, gifts and rewards are always encouraging. While we were small, the school authorities rewarded us for excellence in academics or sports or any other co-curricular activities. It was mostly these prizes and the fame which came along that attracted us to work harder. Use this same principle and gift yourself something, so that you keep getting inspired to read more.

5. Participate regularly in group discussions and debates

Discussions with people will help you in two ways. Firstly, you will get an insight into out what others have read by listening to them and secondly, you will be able to coherently form and express your own views. This will help you to understand where exactly you stand in terms of your progress in reading and gaining knowledge.

Reading regularly will improve your ability to comprehend better, it will boost your vocabulary and will help to empower you. Above all, it will help you to form and voice your own opinion. So, what are you waiting for? Get up and get going! Get your book and set to explore the beautiful world of reading and learning. All the best!

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