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    That it was…..a cold…….misleading feeling that rose in him. He didn’t mean to hurt people…..neither he meant to hurt their sentiments. Humble was he…….hadn’t he had his conditions, he wouldn’t be so rude. He really was an adorable chap full with love to share to everyone.
    But something changed. He didn’t know what it was, but something kept tingling him inside. He then loved to hurt people, laugh at their worse moments. He overall didn’t give a shit to anything. He loved his own company, alone but awesome.

    Oh yes….ageing it was……it lead him to the very age which we all go through- teenage they say. The age where our pals value more than family. Love and affairs are of major concerns. Sentiments……….yes they do have but their egoism won’t let them show their better part. They rather want thrills…….
    Family tries guiding them at their worse. But they take them as their opponents; they anyhow need to rule over. They just run with the mass to fatal destruction. A destruction of their age…..their moral values, their respect…..everything they have……they just lose them in vain.
    Cases may vary…..I’m not talking about everyone. But as a whole, everyone……each and every of them lose something they value most in this age of change. Some may get entrapped in peer pressure and follow the wrong way…..while some with proper guidance can shape out their bright future…….a better future for his self and his family.
    Family……..this word always gives me that boldness to stand against any errands. With ageing you change, your company change, your self respect change, your value amongst your relatives change, friends you call your best one, they too change……nothing’s permanent except that eternal love your parents do to you. Whatsoever the mistake be………they easily will forgive you……they won’t disappoint you at your worse. They will do….whatever it takes to make you happy. None will seek for your betterment except your parents, always remember that.
    Expect from nobody……love none……I don’t mean- (don’t you have any sentiments on others)….loving and having a good sentiments bound with people are two contrasts. You are born alone, so genuine it is that you have to live alone. Nobody will help you to live. So be bold to survive, be bold to fight errands……have faith on yourself. And yes……….make your parents your idol……you’ll get none who has had lost that much just to fulfil your wills and dreams. They have no greed, they just want your happiness…..that’s all they want.

    Oh sorry…….I was talking about him. Sentiments made me flow.
    He became old with time. Slowly understood the wrong deeds he did that can’t be replaced. He starts cryin’ then……curses his fucked up life. Time awaits for none they said…..but they were the very people he didn’t listen to and had his life fucked up. With his life crippled, he then plans to start out a new phase of him. He then promises not to repeat the faults he did. Had he listened to his parents, he wouldn’t have suffered all these. Now nobody loves him……..in contrast he loves nobody. He’s understood…..love is just a matter of greed people have from you. Once the greed’s been fulfilled they’ll just disappear leaving you alone. He now wonders how selfish this world is……cries  over his crippled life. But that’s all he can do.
    Wait there’s still something he can do. He has now the most precious thing he ever had, his parents. He now has no big wishes. He just want their happiness. That’s all he want now.
    And it is night again,the light said bye bye ..! So it is dark again, had a habit to go through such nights but have fear to be darker again, Morning has to come ; is aware about it but loosing hope again, Struggled , Cried , fought with the night .. the morning is now mine.. started to smile again