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April-National Poetry Month!

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उनलाई बेहुली हुनुको कुनै पीर छैन |

बेहुली बिहे को चर्चा छ रे,आज उनको, मन्द लज्जा को भाव लुकाउदै उनले मलाई भनिन,सबै भन्दा पहिले, खुशी बाड्ने उनको बानी, मनका कुरा सबै खोलिन, मन खोलेर बोलिन मसंग,आज पनि, म खुशी हुन्छु भनेर, म पनि कहाँ खुशी ... Read More...
Know Your world

Know Your World…

Know your world... This is all about the world's you live in You are welcomed, then you are thrown down the pit. For they feel good to laugh; they will shout you're worthless, they will say you can't do i... Read More...
I miss you

I miss you…

Because no one will read this anyways- I miss you. Every cell in my body forces me to deny the longings that I have for you. Sometimes, I wish to grab the phone and dial your number. I want to scream at you... Read More...
girl with pink jacket

The lady with a pink jacket on

One pleasant day, I met a fine lady with a pink jacket on under a peepal tree, the shades beneath her tresses seemed much more cooler though. Only her plump lips were pinker than the jacket she wore. The glasses she had put on, magnified the onyx depth... Read More...

A life full of medicines

I have a list of medicines I consume every day. There are all sorts of drugs; some chemical ones, some homeopathic; some in tablets others in the form of liquid. They are all scattered in my bed and in every pa... Read More...
Me Before You book cover

Me Before You…

It was not ‘love at first sight’ for me But I’m sure it started with a mean cup of tea Your sarcasm and the way you rolled your eyes Every time made me want to say my goodbyes As days went by, I imagined your life and how you had been And how you got th... Read More...

जातीय तगारो

यो मायावी संसारमा माया पनि उस्तै छ जन्माैं जन्म दुवैको छाया हुनेछाैं भनेर कसम खानेहरू कहाँ कति बेला कस्को उक्सावट हल्लि चल्लिले बिच्चलीमा पर्छन थाहै हुँदैन । के कस्तो थियो? क्षण, क्षणिक माया लगाँउछ... Read More...
modern children with modern parents

Modern Parents

I was traveling by bus. It was crowded. Many people were standing. Among then, I was one. When the bus reached Samakhusi, one seat became vacant. A woman, probably in her mid-40s, was standing and she forced her grown son to have the seat instead of taking sea... Read More...