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As cliche as it may sound, it is true that you need to fall in love with your life to make it happening. Good things come to those who wish for them. 


Life, a four letter’d word that has millions of definitions given by millions of people. Some call it “an experience”, some call it “the mixture of happiness and sadness”. Some also call it “happiness, joy, irritation, anger, and anxiety”. Scientists call it “growth, mechanism, energy, metabolism, transformation, and reproduction”. Some want to be served on a silver plate while some are okay with normal life. Some just want to grow old while some want to live. Some want to be served with sugar only and some like chilies too.


According to me, life is a garden with a variety of plants. Some of them may be aromatic and some may be funky. Some flowers may be beautiful and some may have thorns all around. But what needs to be understood is, there will no longer be importance of Dahlia without some Acacia. I have tried to analyze this journey as simpler as possible. And I have only found the balance. Whatever life serves you, balances, with the exact opposite of it. I don’t aspire to be a human who would be hyperactive with highs and distressed with lows. If joys make me rejuvenate, melancholy helps me find my purpose.


But, even the journey to be at this stage of mindfulness took me a lot of sleepless nights, failures, setbacks, mental illness, parents’ faith in their descendants, the desire to be creating an impact, and the constant self-restraint to grow into a vigorous woman. No wonder there is still a lot to learn, a lot to face, which will surely make me more inclined, more opinionated, a bit bolder than today, and with more vivid visions than now.


What I want to convey is the phase to turn over the page, leave a paper blank and start penning the new chapter with new life lessons, different colors of ink, and a new way of work with different understandings demands a certain cessation of time. The halt will make you go through pains as I said the thorns, struggles, and hardships make a person; a human indeed. But that asks you for your time, for your stoppage, and will serve you with a lot of dilemmas, the urge to end, and a lot of misery but what to keep in mind while passing the days is the desire to come out stronger and clear. The days were difficult for me too. The unclear visions, the constant reminder that you are failing, and the guilt of not being good enough make you weak for the time, and the world for you falls apart with a small spark of dislocation of thought. But keep in mind that’s just to make you weak. You will cry, you will mourn, you will have a bad phase, and you will not leave your bed, BUT, you will rise again with a positive spark because that’s what winners do. The negative phase helps you grow into a positive human.


Not only bad days, but good and happy days also contribute equally. Happiness also teaches you. It teaches you to be thankful for the days you struggled to have joy in your life. Now, to learn from here is, not to take things for granted and to not forget to thank the angels for the joys you have in your life. Again coming back to bad days, the problems, difficulties, and sadness you get to see in other people’s lives, also contribute to shaping your mentality. And for me, seeing other people grow also subsidized me in shaping my perception. From this, I don’t mean jealousy but yes there is a feeling rather than jealousy and grief which is wanting to groom yourself after seeing the other one climb up. I consider it to be a healthy one for it helps to make me a better version of myself. Also, there is a nice, heartwarming feeling when you see a person helping the other. I believe witnessing that also helps you think wider. I believe in wasting no chance to learn and to know about anything new. Nature is the best teacher. You spend a day perceiving nature, you’ll learn the most of it. The phenomenal way this phenomenon works is a lesson that everything comes to an end, be that happiness or grief, so the best way is to have a stable mindset that life is all about balance. It also teaches us to have a positive mindset as every start is a new beginning.


Today, I pen down my thoughts, I use a blank piece of paper and fill it with my imagination (touch wood) because I tried to make my thoughts as broad, my soul as pure, my intentions as filtered, and my instincts as positive. It took me time to change the chapter of my book. This time made me realize I am capable enough to start a new chapter with more prominent strengths and added positivity. The process of being thankful to the Universe and my Angels should never stop. 





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