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Write a Winning Resume with these Great Tips!

Finding a job can be tough - but not so tough when you have a good resume. A good resume will represent the best of you. It will take all the experience you’ve done and combine it in a perfect blend of you. Whe...

The World is a Market and You are a Brand

"Kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka toh kaam hi hai kehna" See, its pretty simple. People talk and that is the reason why they are called 'people' - faceless bubbles. But the choice is yours if you would want to wa...

How To Land A Job By The Time You Graduate!

So you’re graduating? Congratulations, there are thousands of people graduating just like you! I don’t mean to burst your bubble but if you thought that it was time to relax and lay-back…….. you’re wrong! Now i...

Killing a Monster by Teaching

 A Conversation with an English Teacher at Hills :- by Sweta Image credit: Lens Tales (Nishan & Garima) She says no body will believe she going to the hills where mobile networks wouldn't reach, where n...

Vision for Energy Sustainability

Vision for Energy Sustainability: Our planet has resources to fulfill our need but not greed. With the recognized threat of global warming due to emission of greenhouse gases through various forms of energy use...