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Turning the pages one by one, reading the words but not being able to grasp them, pushing yourself hard to focus on the story, wondering what is wrong with your mind, that pressure from piles of tbr books. I have been there and it’s a scary feeling for me.

I think most of the readers can relate to this feeling once in a while which we call “Reading slump”.

Reading slump can be only described as the worst nightmare for readers. As an avid reader myself I go through reading slump often. Sometimes I can’t read for days sometimes even a month. Thankfully the longest slump I have ever faced was a month long unlike my fellow readers who went through it for months and months.

I can’t imagine myself not being able to read for such long time. So, how do we fight this cruel reading slump? Well I guess everyone have their own ideas and techniques. I am here to share my own. I will not assure you these will work wonders because at time these don’t work for me as well but most of the time they do work.


Idea no.1 – Bring out your all time favourite

That book you read for 10th or 20thtime its time to take it out from your shelf. You know each word, remember the tiny details, no need to pressure yourself to absorb in the story. Re-reading can bring you back to track to reading.


 Idea no.2 – Read short or simple stories

Remember your favourite book as a child? “The Giving tree, Charlottes’ web, Matilda “.Sometimes reading short simple stories or even children’s books helps to bring you back to the enjoyment of reading.

As the books will be simple you will easily grasp the storyline also you will feel the achievement of finishing a book.


Idea no. 3 –Get out from your zone

Fight with closed ones, busy schedule at work, piles of work at school, break ups, mental break downs and many other emotional roller coasters we go through every day. These factors play huge role in draining our mental energy, no way you can read a book and dive into the magical world of words. Sometimes running away from reality doesn’t help much.

Try to sort out the troubling thoughts, if possible solve the problems. Clear out your mind, get out from your zone and come back fresh to your never ending TBR piles.


Idea no.4 – STOP READING

“You have no idea of what’s going on with the character, the story line is just passing above your head but you have to meet your reading goal or you have to finish the book because you are buddy reading. So just focus and read you can do it………” Do you find yourself in this situation? I have been there done that (ashamed)

It’s okay to stop reading if you don’t feel like it, maybe it’s the genre, maybe it’s the character, maybe it’s nothing at all. Give yourself a break. There is no competition on reading the highest number of books. We read to enjoy reliving. Relax yourself no matter how long the reading block continues you will always get back to reading.

Hope these tricks will help you as much as they helped me. The more you worry the more slump hits you back. So, let’s make reading slump fun and useful till it lasts.




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