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समय यात्रा धेरै फरक तर साँचाे

समय यात्रा धेरै फरक तर साँचाे

म लगभग रातभरी ब्युझोनै थिए केहि केस स्टडीहरु हेरी राखेको थिए कुनै बेला टिकटक भने कुनै बेला केही, केही समय पस्चात निदाउनु पर्छ जस्तो लाग्यो र निदाउन पल्टीए एकछिन फेरी निन्द्रालागेन, एकछिन फेरी मोवाइलमा केही हेर... Read More...

अधुरो प्रेम

आज एक अर्थ बिहीन जिवनको यात्रामा कयौ बर्ष पछि उस्लाइ मेरो याद आएछ मलाइ लाग्दै छ उस्लाइ मेरो याद पहिला पनी न आएको कहाँ होला तर यस्पाली उस्ले आफ्नो मनलाइ सम्हालेर जोर जबरजस्ती गरेर फोन समातिछे र फोनको डालयप्याडम... Read More...
what is love

आँखिर प्रेम

आँखिर प्रेम मिलन हो? होला तर कस्को साँचोको? अश्तित्वको? भावनाको? भक्तिको? शक्तिको? के को? आत्माहरु भन्नुहोला आत्माहरुको कुरा बुझ्न कुनै अर्को लेखमा । मान्नुस प्रेम समर्पण हो प्रेम आवश्यकता हो ... Read More...
post box 8 is where i get my letters from you

Post Box 8

To you, With the striving love, Winter is coming. I can see the blizzard approaching. I can hear it howling wildly shaking our dry branches hard. I can feel the chilling cold when all our leaves would go dr... Read More...


2 Am Musing- “I just want to tell you nothing You don’t want to hear All I want is for you to say Oh why don’t you just take me Where I’ve never been before I know you want to hear me Catch my breath ... Read More...

Rhythm of droplets

The rhythmic pounding of the rain on the metal roof reminded me of a metronome, very soft and elegant. I always enjoyed the dark and gloomy weather. I enjoyed the booming sound of thunder. I enjoyed how ligh... Read More...
someone leaves

When Someone Leaves You

Loneliness, emptiness are just big words; you literally feel hollow when someone leaves you. If the reason is valid or if it was some situation, it would be better. But when someone leaves you without any ap... Read More...

My Utopia

Imagine a colossal — a frosty swamp that does not have an end. With a pathetic endeavor, you raise your head to see the end. However, it is so powerful that no matter how hard you try to struggle, the swamp ... Read More...

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