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    “Hey, Can I take this chair? If it’s not occupied already!”

    I stumbled at the choice of words.
    “Sure” , I squealed.

    “Where are your homies?”


    “I mean friends.” His intense brown eyes scooted towards me waiting for an answer.

    I swallowed what felt like a lump down my throat.
    Ready to stifle a sob
    Escaping this whole damn world
    I frockled in self doubt.
    What is in me that I can’t befriend anyone?
    Is it the goofy grin that I am missing
    Or Is it that I hide behind the words?
    Is it cause I drown myself in pool of thoughts
    And lose my time worrying about it all.

    – “Don’t stare at the coffee, I know its hot”. He gushed.

    I smiled shoving my list of frustrations back into the corner of my mind.

    -” It’s okay” He said with flustered face.
    “As long as you admire the wind blowing away strands of your hair,
    As long as you redeem yourself from flickers of sadness
    As long as you write about the story inside your heart
    Coz I know you want to be heard
    Want to be read
    Here, Take this pen and befriend your soul
    Instead of wallowing in self pity and self loathe.”

    We were comfortable in silence for a while, Watching the dust cover the sky.
    The wind ruffled the chic dress swaying me into the moment ago, me being left to myself with no one to share secrets and to break promises.
    How is it like to have a friend to bond over coffee and silence,
    I didn’t know until now.

    – “So no friends?” He took a moment before pouring a fresh surge of energy.

    – “If coffee counts”, I sighed.

    – “Or the person you are having coffee with, Counts” He chuckled.

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