• The Letting Go!

    I know I asked for it. I am sorry that I couldn’t speak a word and that you looked at me like a man who lost the ability to think and finally left, I was afraid. I was afraid to lose myself and […]

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    In reply to: Nites Niroula wrote a new post, Crazy Psycho Have anyone called you a psycho or crazy? Not in a kidding way, in a serious form. Or anyone handed you visiting card of psychologist and asked you to visit […] View


  • “Hey, Can I take this chair? If it’s not occupied already!”

    I stumbled at the choice of words.
    “Sure” , I squealed.

    “Where are your homies?”


    “I mean friends.” His intense brown eyes scooted towards me waiting for an answer.

    I swallowed what felt like a lump down my throat.
    Ready to stifle a sob
    Escaping this whole damn world
    I…[Read more]