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    Love Letter

    Dear Earth,
    Please teach me your quiet knowing ways,
    How to adapt and flow, like the coursing rivers,
    The veins of the Earth
    Filtered by the liver
    Of soil and rock.

    I want to know the patience
    of the steadfast mountains,
    I admire so much:
    Reaching for the skies
    Yet grounded deep in the Earth,
    Creating layers of fascinating ecosystems
    All in between;
    Reminding me of the breadth of my own diversity
    From the strands on my head
    To the tips of my toes.

    And then the trees, oh the trees
    Always my first friends, wherever I go,
    Greeting me exuberantly with the rustle of their leaves
    And the few that may fall
    Showering me with blessings.
    May I carry your wisdom on friendship.

    Earth, provider of the most artful, sacred balance,
    How do I live with all your wise creatures?
    And have we robbed the domesticated ones
    from their connection with you?
    All your creatures roles’
    I do not know
    And so removed I feel
    From knowing how to all share this world;
    I was born in a time,
    When there is not room for all.
    Please teach me,
    How do I make room?

    Earth, I was raised to believe all answers lie within
    And so I echo these questions
    To go deep, deep, deep inside,
    But they always surface back to you.
    I think you are, what is inside.

    Earth, I am getting sleepy now;
    do you know where I go when I close my eyes?
    I hope it is back to you.

    December 15th, 2019