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Colors bring a vibe to a life. Red is a vibrant color of life. There are many colors and a new color is created instantly as different colors get mixed. Among many colors, the color red has held a special place in my life.

When I was studying at Child Nature Boarding School, when the decision was made on the basis of colors for extracurricular activities, I was in Red among green, blue and yellow. The second school I joined was Little Angels where again I was in the Red House (division). In my +2, in SOS Herman Gmiener, I was in Lalupate house which if classified into colors would come under the red.  The Bottom line is I always competed in the color red and have even been able to win in some: D

In America, gangsters allied in a group called “Blood” holds color red as their signature, unlike Crips which belongs to color Blue. One of my favorite Rapper, The Game, too belongs to the red gang. He even brought out the album “Red”.

Manchester United, a football club that needs no introduction. If you need it then it must mean that you don’t know till today the tactical and team play in football. I adore this club and they are ‘The Red Devils’.

Most important of all, my country’s flag has the red color in its major portion. This is where I belong and have belonged. “Rato ra Chandra surya jangi nishan hamro….

Some information on color RED
Red is an extremely powerful color. It is the bang that hits your eyes, and as a result, it symbolizes energy, power, vitality, and vigor. Red is an attractive color to nearly everyone—it’s the first color babies can see, the most popular color among children, and generally liked by adults as well. Since it has the ability to physically affect humans by increasing the breathing and pulse rate, it can be used for anything exciting and able. In addition, red is used to arouse adult men and women. Therefore, it’s used in beauty products like nail polish, lipstick and perfume. Red’s ability to stimulate the appetite makes it an excellent tool for food products as well. Sometimes red is used to symbolize fast-acting pills. Since red is associated with the more passionate emotions (both love and hate!) it’s the only color that can really portray any vigorous reaction—you can’t use green, blue or purple for those red hearts!

Which is your favorite one?


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