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When in doubt, be orange;

If you can be a fruit, be an orange.

Don’t be an apple. Don’t be zero shades of white.

Be an orange. Be so orange that they have to name a color after you.

Don’t be an apple covered in lousy, scratchy skin.

Apples can get away with it. They need no cover. Don’t be so safe.

Be an orange. Have skin so thick, they’ll need a knife to cut through.

Don’t be easy. Be difficult. Be an orange.

Don’t be an apple with one story. Be the one with layers.

When they peel you open, fall apart in pieces. Let there be 10 of you or 50, surprise them every time.

Be your essence in all the pieces. Thread them together with stories. When someone picks you apart, leave them with a mess.

Be a vulnerable orange in a bag full of sturdy apples. Roll with them until you can leave a mark.

Be scary. Be 30 flavors in one bite. Be a sugary vice. Be a sweet surprise. Be an orange.

No one ever goes orange picking. So be an orange, and pick yourself.

Don’t be an apple. Don’t hide the worst at your core.

Be the sunset. Be the fire. Be an orange. Be orange.


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