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The Next Real Thing – Part II

Part I here

It took me almost 5 hours to review his 4-page long document. And when I knew, I have already had a packet of biscuit and drank 3 cups of coffee. Maya stared at me for a second, I gave her a dirty look. I had to reach my office at 11 and Maya at 12. So we decided to leave separately. I left at 10:30 and she said she would leave at 12. And she also told me that she would leave the keys at the reception desk at my office.

I started my car and hit the fast lane.

I entered the building. Those white walls were teasing me again, and everything was just so depressing. Some crying, some laughing, some coughing and some praying for their death. I walked as fast as I could and reached Mr. Rosewell’s cell. “Mr. Rosewell”, I said, “today is going to be an interesting day!”

He laughed as if he had no disease. I acted as I didn’t hear it, “As I was saying, I need you to tell me everything about what happened in your life. From your childhood till now. And if you had any problems during that phase, please don’t hesitate to tell. You won’t regret.” He said nothing. He just kept on smiling. Some time, and he started.

‘I was the eldest son. I had two brothers and one sister. I loved my sister very much. She loved me too. One day, something bad happened. They left me. They all left me. They all died. They all died in a car accident. And I was sent to an orphanage. I had many friends. In the orphanage and outside the orphanage. They used to tease me. They even beat me when I was helpless.

One day, a very wise man came. He took me to his home. Gave me lots of love and a new name. I was raised by him. I loved him like my own father. And he loved me even more. He was a very wise person. He sent me to school. He made me learn new things. About life, about love, about the world and about the people out there. I graduated from high school. I did my bachelors in engineering. And I fell in love!

Her name was Carmen. She was and still is the most beautiful person in the world. Even now when I talk to her. She is still the same. She doesn’t seem she ever aged. Nor she ever will. Would you like to meet her?’

“Oh! Yes, of course”, I said.

‘Carmen this is Dr. Sara, Dr. Sara this is Carmen’, he introduced me to his bench.

“hello!”, I said.

‘She is delighted to meet you. Oh! And as I was saying, I fell in love with this very beautiful girl. We used to be together. Almost 24 hours a day. In college, we used to chat the whole day long and call each other when we got back home. I told my father about Carmen. He was delighted to hear about her. He even asked me to call her for dinner. So, I did! I asked her for a dinner and she agreed.

The very night I called her, I waited, we waited. She didn’t come. The very next day someone called me up and told me that she was killed in an accident. I broke into tears. They buried the body. But I think they were mistaken. She came to meet me the very next week. She told me she had to go home because her mother was ill. Next day she came in my house. My father also saw me talking with her. And he sent me here, to stay with her, always. I love her. Nothing bothers me here as long as she is sitting right in front of me.’

I froze. This guy sitting in front of me didn’t know he was being medicated here. He still thought he was celebrating his ‘mini-honeymoon’ in that uncomfortable cell. He added ‘When everyone told me she was dead, I used to send e-mails to her, write songs for her, open her email id and used to read those by myself. I still don’t know why I cried while reading those. So stupid of me.’

And a long silence followed. He had nothing to say and I had nothing to ask. So I decided to leave. Maya had told me she would leave the keys in my office’s reception desk. I waved him bye and flew to the reception desk. Another surprise, Maya didn’t leave the keys.

You know, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s people who make fake promises. And I was so angry at her. I reached my parking spot and hit straight to the flat. Maya was in there. Still, I was angry, I scolded her. And she told me to take those keys with me when I leave. Fine! And we slept.

The very next day I apologized. She didn’t respond. And I started to shout like a madman. She was a bit scared but she yelled at me too. Due to the large noises coming from our room, the ward boy called security. I explained everything to them. They seemed surprised. I smiled at them and told them not to worry as it was my personal matter. And they left, with an unknown expression in their faces.

I went inside. I scolded her again, but now, in a lower frequency. She didn’t talk to me that morning. I didn’t care as well. And we both left for work. Mr. Rosewell started to become an interesting person. And I started to take his interview every day. Maybe the nurses thought there was some love chemistry going between us so they gave us dirty looks. I didn’t care. I really didn’t.

One day, I was sitting in my flat; watching TV. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. I thought it was the elevator boy again. Ever since Maya started living in my flat, he used to ring our door bell like every hour. Just to see her pretty face. That sound just pissed me off. Anyway, I opened the door.

“Who are you? What…why… whhh…wh..”, I was slammed to the ground. They drugged me. I was constantly yelling for help. Maya stood still in front of me and I could see the elevator boy behind her. They looked at me as if they were seeing me for the first time. I fell unconscious.

Name: Sara Jones

Age: 26

Disease: schizophrenia

Inference: talks with imaginary friends who she terms Maya, elevator boy and mental patient; Mr. Rosewell

Inspected by: Dr. Rosewell

(And that’s all you want to know!)

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