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For past couple of weeks, I have been thinking to go back to the shop from where I had once brought a wrapping paper. It wasn’t like the ordinary (or say, the general) wrapping paper (something I realized after looking for it almost everywhere). I had visited every shop around my house or those I passed by to see if I could get even anything similar to it.

Alas! I couldn’t.

Finally today, I went into the shop, and I started searching for the wrapping paper I wanted. To my dismay, it wasn’t there. I was so disappointed. The shopkeeper asked me what I was looking for. I described him the wrapping paper and as I was telling that, my eyes fell on the rack behind him. I spotted different color tapes and asked him to show me those as I had been looking for them for long. All of them looked so fancy that I couldn’t easily decide which ones to take. I was looking at them trying to figure out.

Also, they were other rolls, so I asked to see if they were other colors in the similar pattern. But the similar designs confused me even more. I was already confused about what theme I wanted to work in, and choosing one out of many made it even more difficult. I had shortlisted a few that interested me. All the while, the shopkeeper stood there waiting for me to make up my mind.

Well, what can I say, I am a very picky person, especially when it comes to stationery. It takes me forever to buy stuff (unless I am buying it for the second time). But choosing one among many patterns is not that easy.

I asked him again to show more sheets of paper, and I again found myself stuck to choose between the colors, still taking time. The shopkeeper finally spoke and said, “For such a small thing, you are taking so much time. What do you do when you have to take big decisions?” Yes, I could clearly see that he ran out of patience. I calmly replied, “Big things are destined! It’s the small things that require our time. And this is for art – I have to carefully decide every bit of it. Every small thing matters.” I added, “And this wouldn’t have been so confusing had there been the one wrapping paper I wanted.”

After what I said, he quietly went to check, to see if he could find the wrapping paper below the bundles. He came back empty-handed. I then chose a few between my shortlisted wrapping papers and quickly got out of the store.

We may all have a different opinion. What do you have to say about the small and the big things? Share your thoughts in the comments.