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You should Run

You Should Run

Neither closing your eyes can ever erase any fact Nor shutting your ears can do it either, Fear of stepping ahead WILL always set you back And will suck all your HOPES  for ever and ever!!   ... Read More...
why i became vegan

3 Reasons Why I Became Vegan!

3 Reasons Why I Became Vegan After being an on-and-off vegetarian my whole life, I decided to go vegan this summer. What?  Yes, people!! I am a newbie vegan and nope, this is not a trend, it just fits with my... Read More...
because looks does not matter

Looks Don’t Lie

Yesterday I had an epiphany. It involves my looks. It involves your looks. It involves how we all look like. First, the background story.    My mom once told me that I look good in my pictures. She let ... Read More...