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why i became vegan

3 Reasons Why I Became Vegan!

3 Reasons Why I Became Vegan After being an on-and-off vegetarian my whole life, I decided to go vegan this summer. What?  Yes, people!! I am a newbie vegan and nope, this is not a trend, it just fits with my... Read More...
because looks does not matter

Looks Don’t Lie

Yesterday I had an epiphany. It involves my looks. It involves your looks. It involves how we all look like. First, the background story.    My mom once told me that I look good in my pictures. She let ... Read More...

Self Love Revolution

With a quarter of the crowd yelling “Love Yourself”, the other quarter yelling “As if I don’t!” and the rest clueless about the “Self-Love Revolution”, as almost everything, we seem to have gotten it backwar... Read More...


People say the world is a very small place to live in, but no, the world is extremely large in size and billions of people reside in it and I am a mere human being who exists in it. They say everyone has som... Read More...

A bank account

When you work in a bank, life becomes so monotonous. People come and go. The faces are different but the work is same. “Ma’am, I want to open a new account”, ” Ma’am, my ATM card isn’t working”, “Will you te... Read More...

Dog and human

Dog and Human Some things about what dogs are like in nature and what dogs may have to say to the human beings. A bond between the two that I have tried to express in a poem. I was born to play And lay On a... Read More...


To you, with an enduring love,   Right now, I am not being able to sleep. I can feel my belly churning. It seems like my ovary is high today(haha). The pimples on my face are giving me some extra pain, a... Read More...

I am Different

I am different, yes I can say..

Not because I am standing here,

And you are sitting somewhere there;

Not because I am wearing red,

And you wearing different shades or grey.

Sadly, through the baseline of power and position,

Access and exclusion

This is how we mostly distinguish,

And the different in ourselves, we thus relinquish.

I am different, not in comparison with you;

But the unique I am …. That I celebrate to be true

An individual body, soul, heart and mind

I am different, one of a kind.

My configuration to constitution
My foundation to disposition

I am different, let there be no confusion.

From appearance to brilliance

From preference to endurance

In every sense… I am different.

Different is my personality, my reality
My routine, my responsibility

My upbringing, my heritage

My deficiency, my advantage

My demands, my privilege

My backlogs, my baggage

My victory, my failure

My outlook, my behavior

My faults, my potentials

My longings, my essentials

My education, my work

My talents, my quirks

My features, my flaws

My walk, my talks

My choice, my voice

My style, my swag

My reaction, my reflection

My hesitation, my inclination

My dream, my story

My fantasy, my theory

My limitation, my doubts

My dare, my scare

All this and much more together make me

How do you begin to compare?

I am matchless, I am beyond compare..

I am an introduction, with a purpose and its flair.

Comparison is an insult to my co-existence,

My individuality is my core essence.

I may not be intelligent enough, successful enough,

Appealing enough, or wealthy enough

But I am different

Because I am different

I am different since we are not the same

We have our distinct missions to aim….

We have our own life's lessons to game

I am different and so are you

Your reason to be here…

And the role you play …

And in ways more than I can say

You are different!

The society thrives and world survives in diversity..

Own your difference, make a difference!