• अरुलाई पस्कि पस्कि आफूलाई भोको बनाउछौ
    अरुलाई हसाउँन आफै भित्र शोक मनाउँछौ
    के हुन्छ अरूको निम्ति सन्ताप लिएर ?
    के पाउँछौ अँध्यारोमा बसेर जीवनभर ?
    मलामीमा केवल दुई चार जाना मान्छे बढाउँछौ।

    -सागर घर्ती

  • Losing me in finding you,
    Bright stars, blinding view,
    Before you know you’re walking on a thin ice,
    You’d have already paid the price,
    Stars are meant to be gazed from afar,
    Too near and you’re killed by the […]

  • Mountains and rivers,
    Hills and valleys,
    Always beautiful
    Always welcoming
    What an enigmatic artista she is

    But they’re merely deceiving lies,
    All that’s seen,
    And all that’s heard,
    Never existed, never […]

  • A clueless calm face,
    Still as water in a lake,
    Watching the sun go by,
    Oh, What an unpleasant day!

    Sitting under a magical tree,
    Stem of which, has wings,
    Ahead stand some hilarious clowns,
    The […]

  • Collect your mistakes,
    Gaze upon them,
    Know the stakes,
    Know  the pain,
    Now take a deep breath,
    Don’t overlook anything,
    Know what you’re dealing with,
    Then, in your head, start scribbling.

    Well, this part can […]