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I have begun to cherish on the fact that someday I will be given the privilege too of becoming a mother. As a daughter I have learnt a lot from my mother about motherhood. The silent sacrifices, compromises, selfless love and concern make me proud to be her daughter. She is the prime reason for making me who I am today and I owe it all to her.

When I become a mother I hope I can do the same. Make my children feel that no matter whatever be the odds against them, they will always have me beside to support them. I want them to grow up respecting each individual for their thoughts and not judge people based on the colour of their skin, the god they pray, the place they belong, their gender, height , abilities or disabilities, the width of their eyes, brand of clothes, sexual orientations. I want my children to learn how to enjoy science, literature, music, sports and show them that there is so much more to life rather than chasing after good grades, money and Facebook likes. Make them understand that abstinence does not mean purity of heart. I hope they make good friends and find love, so that they are taken care of when I am not around.

That I will do anything and everything possible to the best of my ability for fulfilling their wishes. Protect them from the ills of the world and nurture their childhood. Brace them for struggles of life and teach to never give up.I wish they will appreciate that while I cozy them up in a colorful blanket every night, there are children out there of the same age who are sleeping on a pavement under a street lamp tired collecting rags all day.Every child is born with a character and its own destiny. But there is a huge impact on the parenting the child received. This short journey of ours here will hold more meaning to us if we could raise and give a good human being to the world.

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