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Within a milli blink, YOU may lose in and out of this divine flow of AIR

Within a millisecond with no excuses, YOU should leave what YOU hold or treasured for YEARS & YEARS!!


YOU only mean this LIFE when YOU closely pass through the phase of DEATH

YOU only mean the LIFE when YOU push yourself far and far just to conquer YOUR last BREATH!!


The indefinite span between these 2 Days of Birth and Death counts more to YOU and YOU rush in an LIE

Nurturing your anger, fear, selfishness, anguish, and sins, YOU keep on moving to make these volumes larger than the sky!

Really LIFE is beautiful, LIFE is amazing so oh my dear HUMANS! please mean it’s worth!

Nothing YOU will be taking and REMEMBER not even a single matter YOU brought at the time of YOUR birth!!


Fill every moment of life with love and bliss and always be thankful to the almighty GOD

for adding a new day in your Life’s account for YOU to say a very Good Morning and Hi!

Forgive all the misdeeds and doers, do always smile with YOUR heart and greet with soul,

coz YOU will feel far lighter and far more pleased at the millisecond just before you count your last breath

and say The Last Good Bye…..


Yup with a  Big Smile

Before YOU say …The Last Good Bye!!

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