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“Kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka toh kaam hi hai kehna”
See, its pretty simple. People talk and that is the reason why they are called ‘people’ – faceless bubbles. But the choice is yours if you would want to waste your time listening to them or rather listen to your  heart. That decision to make a choice will set you apart as an individual with a face and a name or just another faceless member of the crowd.

Being different isn’t a crime, its an act of daring to be yourself. Individuality is a birthright and you are the only one who can claim it. The world today has turned into a market where good brands sell, mediocre brands go unnoticed and the bad ass brands might actually gain you profits.
YOU ARE A BRAND and sooner or later you will have to realise how to market your brand out there. Every action, thought process, spoken words are reflections of your brand and it takes skill to carry it around well.  I have noticed many a times when people weigh the humor not according to its quality but by the rep of the originator. A good branding helps you bag those goody points, earn a reputation and a distinct label for yourself.

The cut-throat competition reminds you of the significance as to why promote a brand. But similar to good brands its the underlying quality of a person that makes him/her stand tall. Respect is an intangible aspect that one earns from his/her output. Leaders are the best examples of brand promotions when the inexperienced ones have to struggle and demand respect from their followers whereas a good leader just like established brands are least bothered for quality checks. Their actions and words command respect and nonetheless their indispensability. The prime reason why Salman’s no brainer flicks can break box office records, facebook replaced orkut, HIMYM has Barney Stinson and Amitabh’s omnipresence on television.

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