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Hope is such the thing which could give anything,
You can also hope for anything in your life,
All the people are not learned from birth but,
They practice and learn the various kinds of the
Things in their life when anybody Hope’s of the life,

Happiness then they will get rid of any obstacles,
Then they could easily full fill it one by one,
One he has hope has all thing has anything,
Till last breath, after last breath also let’s hope,
We should hope and we should live very much happier,
Life animals has also hope to get foods and to get shelter,
At the forests so they search and they find foods, and shelter,

Their hunger is full filled by God and from their hope,
Innocent dear wants to get life from dangerous tiger in which,
It was successful to escape from its trapp, Tortoise wants to,
Win Rabbit by hard struggle and hope, Tortoise wins that race,
Buddha wants to be englightement by his hope and struggles,

He became englightement person, light of Asia, Christ died of,
Hoping people get knowledge about God, He again wakes up,
At third day of his death, Pasang Lama Sherpa failed three times,
And at fourth Times she climb Mt. Everest with her hope, and gave,
Her life, there, Spider gets its insects at its web by its strong patience,
And hope, so hope is needed in our life at our each easy or difficult,
Situation like Corona or any other epidemic to get life back to live.

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