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A number of incidents
Made me stand in the doorway,
A decision away,
Some quick,
Some made in haste,
“Leap of faith”
On this stormy night,
When I sit and think,
A decision I would never change,
A happening I would never erase.
I recall those yesteryears,
Now vague,
But then, our beautiful everyday-s.
I walked in love with you,
A beautiful stroll,
Some hurried sprints,
Some panting runs,
And back to slow strides.
We passed by-
Many ups and downs
Until life made us stand
On a diversion.
The roads continued,
But it wasn’t the same for us.
Our road changed into your road and my road,
With minimal crossroads and intersections to pass.
Deep down, it hurts somewhere,
Maybe a bruise,
A wound,
Maybe something from the time I stumbled.
Stumbled on our road, when we were together.
And someday,
if I ever trace out my journey,
With the important paths, I chose,
Our road would definitely be there,
Somewhere amongst those.



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