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From a tender age, you are taught to be brave,
Be strong and powerful, and maintain a bold image
Play with bikes, not with dolls,
Watch some sports involving a ball
And there is one thing that you just don’t dare
Never ever do you show up with your tears

You are not allowed to be sensitive,
Being emotional is just not your thing,
It’s okay to be angry, it’s okay to shout
But once you cry, your manhood is in doubt
You are suddenly the talk of the town
Your tears are enough to make you a clown
“Look at that man, he cried yesterday
And for what, it was just his mom’s birthday,
What is there for him to cry about
Is he even a man, I doubt!!”

So all the guys out there, listen good
You can be violent and you can be rude
But one thing there is that you should never try
If you are a guy, remember men are not supposed to cry.

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