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No battle on the outside affects you

As much as the battle of your own thoughts

Your devil thoughts are the merciless swords

Which feeds your mental health to ocean of illness

You’ll find no devil bigger, no casualty bigger

Bigger than your thoughts that continuously consume you.

Its easy, yes very easy for people to convince

To be brave, fearless and conquer the world

Wandering Thoughts

Photo: Unsplash/ Th Anh

But the misery comes uninvited when anxiety rules overhead

The constant rewinding of repeated failures

No matter how much you are upon anything

Showing off the fullest of the smiles to world outside

But unknown about the murk that buries you inside

Living with a ill mental health where these:

Insecurities, worries, fears and doubts being the chief guests

Its unimaginable you haven’t been screwed up for this long!


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