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What would you do when I leave you?

Would you try to stop me,

Or would you let me go

Or would you happily wave me goodbye?

What would you say to me as your final words

And what would you like to hear from me?

Would you be worried that the one who loved you is now gone

Or would you run to some other person with that malicious grin?

Would you care what I would do

Or would you be worried what would you say to your friends?

Wait! Would you tell them the truth

Or would you lie and cover your deeds?

Would you put the blame on me

Or would you be honest and set your soul free?

Would you feel guilty for what you did

Or would you laugh hysterically to the damaged you caused to me?

Would my absence bring you pleasure

Or would you search for me in every corner?

Would you wipe my tears

or would you hurt me even worse?

Day and night, that is what I keep thinking

This losing battle I want to quit fighting

You were the last page of my book you should know

But I will burn the book, can’t stand your lies anymore

You might think you’re winning—putting me in sorrow

Yes, I’m losing now—I’ll win the day I let you go!

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