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I was going through the homework copies of my students of grade seven. Suddenly, Shristi stood up and shared that she was unable to do her homework. I asked for the reason and she replied that Sajesh, her classmate had taken her copy few days ago as he was absent for some days and had forgotten to bring her back day before yesterday. So she asked me to give her some time to complete it.
I shifted my look to Sajesh with the motive of asking the reason but before I could ask anything to Sajesh, Shristi mentioned that Sajesh had done her homework as well. It really surprised me as most of the times children don’t like doing their own homework, why did he do that.I asked for the reason and his answer just made me speechless.
He replied that it was his fault that he forgot to bring her copy when she had helped him and gave her’s, so if the teacher would ask any justification with her it is his responsibility to correct his mistake.
How responsible a child can be?
He had written for her in some extra sheets of paper so that she could show it to me if in case I bother her with any justifications and then write again herself in her own copy.
How thoughtful a child can be?
He fulfilled his responsibility and at the same time thought about her responsibility as well that she needs to write herself.On the other hand, Shristi could have shown me just the homework without revealing it as he had managed to write somewhat in her handwriting. But she chose to share the truth.
How truthful a child can be?
It’s not just the education we share at school, the values are also shared. We not only teach and learn but feel as well. Some values and moment just touch our heart. We just want to capture those moments. And this moment was the same for me.These cute little moments that I find in school created by children are what inspires me to continue my work.The selfless love and the sense of responsibility shared by children are more than just precious.

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