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We are Normal

Wo-Man! Fe-Male! Hu-Man!

No doubt we have always been taken as an invisible part of a Man’s life. There are compromises and sacrifices waiting for a girl child from the day their parents know about her sex. The desire of a son can only bring unknown sadness and hatred for a newly born girl who is unaware of her parent’s intentions/desires. So, the easy way is to murder the child before it is born.

1. A fetus is aborted because of the congenital abnormality of a fetus. It is a condition where the fetus is not normal. But, Female foeticide is the act of aborting a fetus because it is female. Does that make us abnormal? The question rises “Are we abnormal because we are female?”

2. A fetus is aborted because the pregnancy can harm the health of the mother. Does that mean a girl is a threat for her mother’s life? Since when did giving birth to a girl child start posing danger for her mother’s health?

No! I don’t think so. It is not fair to abort a child just because she is a female. Just because her parents were expecting to have a boy child who would stay with them in their old age.

Is it a punishment for a girl child to be born as a girl? We live in such a place where girls are taken as a symbol of sacrifice and compromise. The differences in the care, the freedom, the power to decide, all show up as early as possible between a girl and a boy child.

I don’t understand why the girls are taught to suppress her feelings and her desires from a small age. Is it because of the feeling that we are NOT normal? Or, is it because it is not thought to be NORMAL for a girl to speak her mind?

1There exists a thought which is very dangerous for a girl’s life in the society like ours. And it is the thought that a girl is someone who will leave her home and make family with someone else (who is not a family). This leads to a misunderstanding that a girl is not a daughter for the rest of her parent’s life. So, does it mean killing a girl before her birth is saving her parents from this heartbreaking event?

I think we still haven’t been capable to convince a girl that she hasn’t been born as a burden to her family. That, she can walk hand in hand with a boy child. That, she can be THE ONE who will take care of her parents in their old age. That, she is capable of fulfilling all of her desires herself. That, her parents are there for her whenever she needs their help. Be it before marriage or after marriage.

Why can’t we teach a girl to stand for her right and speak her mind from the day she begins to understand the world? The society will start behaving with a girl like she is NORMAL only when a girl learns to understand her importance in the society, only when a girl builds up the much-needed confidence in her to speak her mind. Only then a girl’s birth will be taken as happiness and pride by her parents. Only then the parents will stop murdering their own child for their selfish desire.

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