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Seriously I don’t need to fix my life
I am okay with it.
It’s okay to be alone,
It’s okay to moan.
It’s okay to have a broken heart,
It’s okay to don’t have love art.
It’s okay to not sleep for three days
It’s okay to lock yourself in the room, evading yourself from people and sun rays.
It’s okay to cursed with luck.
It’s okay to stuck in the middle of the fuck.

It’s okay to don’t have a clue It’s okay to feel blue.
It’s okay to not shave your cheek
It’s okay to not bath for a week.
It’s okay to act like a freak.
It’s okay not to speak.
It’s okay to have darkness as your friend
It’s okay to do nothing and wait for the end.
It’s okay.
I don’t want to fix it.
I’m okay with this shit.
I feel pleasure in my sadness.
I am in love with my madness.
I don’t see my life as crappy
Sadness is my New Happy.

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