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It is quite stressful for a lot of us to focus on our studies while working on the sides, for an income source. The students from a non-reputed family know it well. They need to do part-time work to pay for their college or university dues. Besides, a lot of students seek jobs for extra pocket money. Student life is the most vital stage of life. And the decision made in this stage is directly allied to one’s future career. There are some advantages to working part-time but the way you handle your job is crucial.

So is it a good choice to do part-time work as a student?

There are some institutions that provide students with jobs, in form of an internship at the end of his/her degree. But not all of them do that. So, what I am talking about here is not the internship but the independent work you are willing to do.

I think that studying and working along is good. Sometimes, the pressure arises but management is a must. Working part-time while studying holds more pros than cons.

First is, a little bit of experience is added to your CV which is a no brainer. You will also get some extra money outside your pocket money. You will even have the experience of saving money and get that phone or buy a new pair of headphones that you have always wanted to.

Notebook and laptop for part time work

Photo: Pexels/ Michaela

Meanwhile, many people seem to be a lot more confused regarding what to do, once they have completed their studies. And, working early can help you understand the mechanism of the field, before entering the real world.


In the present context, companies want someone with a minimum of 1/2 years of experience in any field. So in such situations, you may feel a set back in your career if you don’t do a job while you are a student.

So, what is the right type of part-time work to do?

Doing a job is good, but having said that, giving all your focus to your job only doesn’t sound good to me. Therefore, you should always give your main focus on your studies.

If you want to work in field you want to, don’t worry about other people’s criticism. No matter what job you do, your satisfaction is a must. No work in this world is less dignified. In the end, any work you do will help you to learn something in your life.

But it is suggested, and a better option, to search for a job that is related to the career you want for yourself. So, perform a self-assessment and know what you want to be or do in your future. It is a good option to seek for part-time jobs, rather than working full-time, and not hamper your studies. There are many part-time job ideas you can explore in Nepal.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should only do the job that matches your future career. You will gain practical knowledge if you are doing a job related to the same field as the one that matches your future career path. And if not, you will learn an extra skill, field knowledge, and professionalism. It’s a win-win.

When is the right time to do a job?

I would like to relate this topic with a simple term ‘Maturity’. You are never too young or too old to do a job. You don’t need to have a specific age to become mature. And likewise, you need not attain a specific age to be a job holder.

Girl working part time in a cafe

Photo: Unsplash/ Bonnie Kittle

Many people say that doing a job without completing a minimum of graduation is too early. Don’t worry about the criticisms. Some people even say that working as a part-time employee, especially in the field of their interests. is a good thing.

I didn’t even consider to work during my high school (+2) because, in the context of Nepal and many other countries, the degree is considered equivalent to SLC (or SEE). The result of the degree holds a great value in your career path, so it is better to focus fully during this time.

Working straight from the first year of your bachelor’s degree can hamper your study as the course content is comparatively more and more basic in nature. But the last decision is for you to make.

I personally think that the second year of your bachelor’s degree (undergraduate) is the well-suited time to partake part-time work. It will be a good time to know how to balance your study and focus on time management; even master it.

After knowing about the ‘when’, you should also be aware of ‘how many’. This also depends on your capacity about how many jobs you can handle without hampering your studies and the works. If you are a beginner, you should start with a single job and add only after knowing your potential.

How to balance studies and work at the same time?

Life is all about balance. You will succeed only if you are capable to maintain the balance. So, here are some effective ways to maintain the balance in studies and jobs side by side.

  1. Time managment and part time work

    Photo: Unsplash/ Lukas Blazek

    Respect deadlines for submissions of your assignments (work or school). Don’t let them pile up.

  2. Make proper communication with your boss or supervisors. Inform them whenever you have an examinations or deadlines.
  3. Stay calm. Take intervals and stay out of a stressful life.
  4. Don’t ignore the basics. Exercise daily, maintain a balanced diet and most importantly, have proper sleep.
  5. Find out your free time and use it productively. Avoid the things that waste your time.
  6. Take advantage of technology and use the necessary study apps.
  7. Find a place where you can concentrate your brain and stick to it. Avoid distractions like cell-phones, TVs, etc.

To conclude, choosing to work part-time while studying at the same time is the right move. Provided that, you research and take your interests and career graph in consideration. Thus, giving you a better and a sustainable career. Pressure will arise, but focus on working out the balance. So, what is your opinion about the right time to start part-time working? Let me know in the comment section below:

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