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Mystified glares seep down. Eyes to veins, the circulation in lines and circles. Arc that portrays the curve of her hands drunk in adrenaline. The inclination of golden beams in yellow and orange speaking of untouched warmth. How do you do what you do?

Wind, sequential lines that break all known boundaries. Lines that have no lines I slip, her smile. The hazy serenity of shackles breaking to dew dripping rain.

Her smile smiles at me.

Her tangents breathe to my chords.

She is  new, unruly patterns in fragments. I saw her dancing, melting to, melting in, Rainbows. Rainbow and Rainbows, dance doesn’t feel like a form. A little strut, and an evoking cry. Today, I smile. I realize that I am old chipped plates with shiny little tumbling flowers now, faded over years. I am old in her newness, a tributary to her vastness.

Tributary. How would small rivers merge to the wholeness of gushing rivers?

Split in cuts, every time,

Split in cuts, every single time? 

I wouldn’t know. I would give in and give to our parallels that have no infinity. You would explain an individual losing its identity like slow venom seeping through mitochondria to produce hazed numbness. In turn, I’d say, “How does it do what it does to?”
I’m drunk on madness.It’s slurry to see black and then white, white and then black. It feels more like the process in chains and circles. Wishing to see what you want to see to see what you don’t, ignoring to see what you want to see to again see what you don’t.

You fooled me.

I fooled her.

I fooled you.

You fooled her.

We disfigured whatever could remain. I just wanted an encouraging word, an incitement to form a little triangle to breathe in our own clumsiness. An encouraging word to grow a little and not shrink in my own loneliness. But I,  fooled you, fooled me and  fooled her


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