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With financial support of USAIDS, under the direction of Tsering Rhitar Sherpa and production of Serena Rix Tripathee, Search For Common Ground Nepal, and Common Ground Productions has introduced: Singhadurbar is series of political drama.
It has 13 episodes, and is built with the entire investment of 1.5 crores. This political drama is work of fiction, and as indicated by the team, script writing itself took more than year to finalize. Being, distinct and unique, this series of episode is loved by entire youths to old aged people.

While Deepak Raj Giri stopped Tito Satya this series is likely to change the upcoming Nepali series style. As stated, this series was targeted not just to normal citizens, but even the political leaders of the country. I thought it to make an attempt to summarize the things that we could learn from this episode till third episode.


Episode 1 deals basically with background and introduction of characters in the series. It shows rise of Asha Singh.

Nation – Important than Personal Greed
Ramananda Jha , president of Lokpriya Samaj Party is liked by everyone, because of his sacrifice. He felt that nation requires competent leader, and therefore makes the decision to leave PM post, as he feels his health will not support his way to PM Chair. He compromises his years long dream for the better future of the country. His honesty and greed towards Party has also been presented.

Women Leadership
Ramananda Jha whole heartedly supports Asha Singh, of his own party for PM. Ignoring his own son, Yuvraj Jha, he happily makes decision to support Singh. As Singh was shown competent and capable enough, he brings women into power.

Democratic Decision Making Style
Despite of three possible candidates, there has been shown democratic way of decision making. When Yuvraj Jha and Asha Singh receives equal of 21 votes, it was president Ramanada Jha who had to cast his final vote. Yuvraj Jha was sure that his father would cast vote in his support, but he did it to Asha Singh.



Second episode starts with oath taking of Asha Singh

Unbiased Decision Making Style
Despite party’s and president’s disagreement, Asha Singh makes decision to select so regarded ‘raw’, ‘government criticized’ journalist Biswas Biswakarma. Despite his inital disagreement, he agrees after sometime to join PM for being press advisor. This could either because once human get good opportunity, they tend to be opportunistic. Or, because he found some spark in Asha Singh.

Political Ego

This episode also shows the ego clash within the party members for any issue. Decision of Asha Singh was not welcomed by Yuvraj Jha whole heartedly. He still wanted his father to make decision for Prime Minister.

Traditional Government Officials
Working style of Government officials has been shown there by. How wishes from International community was prioritized over citizens voice has been shown. Also, switching on mobile phone during meeting despite of PM’s warning has been displayed thereby.



Third episode deals basically over the priority on Agriculture, as Nepal has huge potential upon agriculture. The ending of this episode where Hindus celebrate Dashain, Muslims are doing their prayers shows religious harmony.

Youths  and Present scenario
Current scene of youths, where despite of having certificates, they don’t get employment has been shown. They all want to fly Korea, and there is protest thereby. The scenario where road blockade had been affecting agricultural crop has been shown.

Hamro manchey haina Ramro manchey
(Not ours people, but good people)

While different party tries to advocate on their own for ‘Minstry of Agriculture’, PM indirectly brings out the name of Akbar Khan, who had enough idea about agriculture, and had influenced a bunch of youths to work for agriculture instead of flying abroad. He had also done enough research and made a proposals during earlier Government, but was not rejected because then ministers did not find any ‘profit’ for them.

He initially rejected the offer, as he had few clashes with Ramanda Jha before. However, Jha himself made a call, and persuaded him killing his ego. So, despite being ‘against the government’, as his vote was not for that Government, he was selected!

Biased Media
Blogger, and also media reporter, Navin Gurung has been shown with great role. Alok Thapa has done wonderful job for sure. On this episode, how media concentrates on ‘specific’ topic has been shown. Blogger, during his reporting had tried to collect voice of people, which was not appreciated by manager, as that was not their agenda!


I ask for apologies, if I have misunderstood any of them and misinterpreted them. That is what I understood there. I am eagerly waiting for next 10 episodes. This political drama is sure to bring positive vibes in ‘political affairs’, from my vision.

Before concluding to write up this blog post, I asked few of my classmates, Biraj and Ashish, if they liked this political show, they said ‘Dammi laagyo yaar!’ which made me feel, I wont be wrong if I wrote about them. Rusen was deeply interested to watch, but because of slow internet connection, he is frustrated to watch it online. Number of youtube views equally shows its popularity.

On liking this post, I will be motivated to present review of upcoming episodes as well. Best Wishes to Singha Durbar Team too!



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