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The voice fever has taken over Nepal this summer. Some ardent fans claim that the voice of Nepal has even murdered Nepali Idol, which is in its 2nd season currently. What makes The Voice Nepal such a fond show to watch is the awe-inspiring performance given by many contestants in the blind auditions.

In this hectic day-to-day rush, many of you might not have had the chance to watch all of the voice episodes. Don’t worry, that’s why I’m writing this article. I’ll get you up to speed with what’s been happening and let you know who, I think, are the most promising contestants. But first, a little about the voice itself. 

This is the first season of The Voice of Nepal and it premiered from August 25th. It is still in the Blind Auditions stage, which is the first stage of the show. The four judges are Singers Deep Shrestha, Pramod Kharel, Sanup Paudel, and Abhaya Subha. The contestants who are able to make the judges turn their chairs to the stage can choose who, among the judges, they want as their coach. Sounds easy right? Not really though.

There’s been a fair share of people whose voice just didn’t have enough magic in it to make those judges turn. But thankfully, there have been some who have completely blown the judges away.

I have picked five contestants among many who received a spectacular response from the judges and personally, I think one of these five will lift The Voice of Nepal trophy this season.

Sushil Gartaula

This guy is the one you’d want to watch out for. He sang “Raag Hamsadhwani”. Nope, I had never of it before this. It is a classical piece and requires a very ‘technical’ voice to perform. A voice that can hit very difficult notes. Gartaula has performed spectacularly. I am not a music professor, so I am not really qualified to critique his performance. Safe to say, though, Pramod Kharel got teary-eyed hearing Gartaula sing.

Also, Sanup Poudel said, “If there is anyone who can take classical singing forward in Nepal, it’s him.” If that doesn’t convince you to follow this guy, well, I’m sorry. You must be deaf.

Ashra Kunwar

O sweet lord. Ashra Kunwar is a rock star. There’s no debate in that.

She’s a hottie and her star sign is Zaptos. She sang Whole lotta love by Led Zepplin. A rock song by one of the greatest bands in music history and she did it justice. I might even say, She nailed it spot on; the high notes, the coarseness. She was galvanizing. Well, I might be biased towards her because she looks so stunning too but you can find out for yourself by listening to her.

Nawaraj Sapkota

Another classical singer who sang a piece called Puriya Dhahashree. I listen to a lot of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the original singer of Afreen Afreen. So, I have a taste for raag. Maybe you do too. Give Nawaraj a listen, he has the technical side of music on fleek. Personally, I think he is brilliant but not everyone hankers after Shastriya Music. My only thought is that moving on, he should go to more contemporary roads. What do I know though? Listen to Nawaraj, you won’t regret it.

Bibek Lama

He’s the Despacito singer. I don’t know if anyone before has ever sung a Spanish song in a Nepali music competition. If no one before has, Bibek should inform the Guinness World Records. Although I haven’t yet googled what the lyrics mean, I think despacito is a tragedy and Bibek did perform it well. I am just sorry for anyone in the audience or at home, who tried to figure out THE FUCK is he singing. Well, my man in the mountain cave has not missed anything extraordinarily great except perhaps the plague I like to call “stupidity”.

I think Bibek has talent and I am rooting for him. I just hope he makes good song choices here on out.    

Shrijay Thapaliya

This talented performer sang Nischal by Albatross. Long hair and tattoos; two of the three things most common in a Rockstar. Third thing? The voice. He has a voice that is perfect for the rock scene and I like his performance very much. He sang for the judges while carrying a bag! That itself set him apart from the other contestants. He went into Abhaya Subbha’s training camp and is worth the hearing. 

Let us know in a comment who you are rooting in

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