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“Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly” – Langston Hughes

Many of the times we relate to those lines of Hughes.

We contemplate. Yet, fail to act upon. We dream. Yet, dare to achieve. We aspire success. Yet, too afraid to lose. Then, with each new sunsets we are burdened with very new regrets; of all those plans that we couldn’t figure out in reality, of all those wishes that didn’t come true, of all those accidents that could have been prevented. Every night we bury our dreams and then comes that holy morning with the ignition of our knowledge that our life has already torn apart between the fantasy and reality, between promises and struggles. And we clench our feathers.

Scripts may be different but in some ways, we find ourselves in the situation when we feel we cannot move ahead and, none of our plans are working and whatever we do, we are miles away from our dreams. Then, we feel that only the intellectuals like Confucius can glorify failure. Only they can say it’s not about failing but about rising after each fall; we conclude. Albeit, there are some who don’t fall in this category. Nita Adhikari is the one.

When I already shared about rising after failure, you must have been anxious about what Nita had been through. But I don’t feel significant sharing it here. Why should we look back at the problem, when it already found its solution?

Flying high with her dreams

If you are someone close to her and reading this you already know about it, or if you are unaware what had happened, it’s of no use knowing about the past now. Let’s meet our new Nita who likes to call herself a “Travaventure freak” is now a girl full of life and fun. Her story of rising will definitely be an inspiration to several of us who feel life is no more than lost dreams.

Nita had always dreamed of working as a media person. But it wasn’t so easy for her with her parents who desperately wanted their daughter to be an engineer. Only she knows how hard it was for her to convince her father to pursue her study in Management and again asking them to let her work in media was like asking for trouble.

Then, a question arises suddenly how did she dare to start her own channel?

For her, it all started with the assignment from her teacher. A significant event occurred in her life that broke down her life and dreams and at that time her teacher, Pratik Raj Neupane, who she sees as her mentor now, had been organizing counseling sessions for his students and he asked her to reflect upon her strength and passion. When she expressed she is interested in talking with new people, he asked her to go to Thamel and talk and record with any random stranger. It somewhat boosted her confidence, then she started participating in different motivational talk programs and in one of those programs she was highly influenced by one of the motivational speakers who told no one is going to take you to the place you dream for, it’s you who have to prove that you are capable of reaching there and need to thrive for it.

Since then, those lines have become her ‘guru mantra’. Then she approached her friends who could help her in camera, editing, asked help with her college video making team and geared herself to research on whom to and how to approach the guest she wants to talk to. Her first guest was renowned movie director and actor of Nepal Nischal Basnet. Until and unless he came to the location for shooting, she was in a dilemma if he would come or not and if her step would turn out to be a success or something more frustrating. There, he came and she launched her first show “Ramailo Guff with Nita” on YouTube on 18th of Januray, 2016 and there was no stepping back.

She has now hundreds of supporters with her and wonderful stories to share. Amid all these, how has this dare to start her own channel shaped her is the most interesting one. With each new episode, a new learning is what she earns. She says patience is what she has been able to develop, “We prepare a lot for our single episode from research, camera,  location but sometimes, even the most well-known actors step back from their promise and we have to return empty hand. That nights are the most frustrating nights but I have learned not to give up and keep striving.”

Determined Nita with her enthusiastic friends is now putting all her effort to make her talk show one of the most standard talk show of Nepal. She knows reaching on to that dream is difficult but not that impossible as well. “We are creeping now but there will be the day when we would be flying and changing the Nepali Media Industry. Finance is our biggest hurdle now. We are working voluntarily till now and the question is up to when. I need to think of it as well. But then, we are so passionate about it that we would definitely figure our way out of it.” shares Nita.

When I was having this ramailo guff (joyful chat) with Nita, my final question to her was, “What has been the most cherishable moment during this journey?”

Her answer was “it’s the support of my family. I had gone against their dreams but now they are supporting me in their own little ways. In the mean-time, after each episode, a sense of happiness flows in me when my guests appreciate me for my effort. I am happy these days because it’s me; the real me.” She adds “everyone will find their happiness only when they find themselves. We need to be just the way we are.”

Nita has spread her wings for her journey of transformation and I wish her for a successful flight.

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