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This is a rant of mixed emotions. A lot of anger mixed with heartbreak from the earthquake that killed so many people yet failed to bring this country together.

On behalf of the 8000 people who died and thousands of others who lost something irreplaceable:

Dear ungrateful, unappreciative Nepali citizen,

I died. You survived. Now please stop making a mockery out of your second chance.

Stop blaming the government for everything that is wrong with your life. The government can only do so much. It is supposed to provide you with a foundation for good life. Building it up from the foundation is your responsibility. The government doesn’t owe you anything just because you were born. The government isn’t supposed to make you rich or pay your bills. Stop finding new excuses to not have to work or go to school. You aren’t angry or agitated or patriotic. You are a lazy unappreciative piece of crap who has no personal goals. Hence, you wake up one day and decide to walk down the street and burn public property.

So you didn’t get what you asked for. I didn’t ask to lose everything in an earthquake, either. But your stupidity survived and I didn’t. Life is unfair. If you truly want to represent your cast/creed/state/religion (whatever the hell you are whining about) do something that will force the entire nation to stop in awe and recognize your brilliance. Rebuild a school, or build a new empire or discover a new way to prevent earthquake damage. Do something. Do anything. Do anything other than blaming your government. And don’t even begin to blame someone else’s government.

If you truly are going to be patriotic, please stop fighting this futile war. Go home and hug your family, instead. Build your own identity. The nation’s identity will come back to life on its own. You aren’t saving anyone’s dignity or doing anyone favors by sitting out on the street and disrupting someone’s regular life. You aren’t a hero. Your ignorance just cost someone a hard day’s labor. Someone somewhere didn’t get to eat because you decided to shut down the country. You aren’t fighting for a cause. You are causing panic, destroying the economy and ruining an already devastated country.

Someone somewhere had just opened their eyes and discovered that their entire world had collapsed. A businessman had lost his only source of income. A mother had lost her only child. Your pathetic excuse for patriotism is of no concern to these people. All they want is to grieve in peace. To rebuild what they lost, if at all possible.

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