One More Day to go for Mukti N Revival Music Concert in Dallas!

mukti N revival

November 26, 2016 • CULTURE • Author:

It’s been a wonderful year for Nepali music lovers in the United States. Major rock bands have been on tour all year long – and the best, it seems, was saved for the last!

Mukti N Revival defines the classic sound of Nepali rock music – delightfully laced with Nepali folk and western blues. For an entire generation of Nepali youth, the band represents memories of growing up in the music crazed, hippie culture obsessed streets of Kathmandu. Close your eyes while jamming to "kalanki ko jam" and you might just find yourself jamming out in the midst of obnoxiously loud traffic while drenched in the pungent smell of cigarette smoke, rotten vegetables and the air of sweet, sweet home!

Last chance to buy tickets before they’re sold out!

(Featured Image credit: Mukti & Revival US tour facebook page)

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