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Here we are again – approaching the year’s second most expensive holiday.

As we speak, you’re probably racking your brains trying to figure out what to do for your significant other for Valentine’s Day. You’ve done the roses and 5-Star dinner that could’ve cost you your entire paycheck. And, despite how quick the day comes and goes, this year, you want to do something different because you feel different. This year will be unlike the others because she is unlike anyone else.

She’s the woman that has a smile that can light up a room. She’s your rock, your best friend, the one who somehow understands your every quirk because she’s just as weird as you are. And, because of that, she holds the key to your heart.

You’ve ordered the perfect arrangement and quite possibly have gotten her a very special gift. But, you just don’t feel as though it is worthy enough for this gem in your life (pun possibly intended). You may not be ready to pop the question but you do want to show her just how much she means to you.

But, after the repeated disappointment of researching to find the same suggestions over and over again, you find yourself at a roadblock.

Well, the LP team has got some good news for you Romeo – here are 6 unconventional Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas that will sure to bring a smile to your dream girl’s face.







Dinner – In

Nothing says “I care” more than making her favorite food. Skip the long lines and pretentious portions and whip up something special in your kitchen. This, not only, gives you a chance to show off your skills but really make her feel as though you went out of your way to make this evening special. Put your phones away and indulge in real conversation. This isn’t a “dinner and movie” type evening. This is a night about the both of you – reminiscing on memories, creating new ones and enjoying each other’s company. And, please don’t go out and purchase every candle you see- keep it simple and wow her with a smile and your mouth-watering dishes! Trust us; she wants to see you rather than Yankee Candle’s catalogue.

Rev it Up

Whoever said romance was limited to classical music and a red rose quite possibly has not met the modern woman. We may like laying back on quiet evenings but we have a need for speed too! Turn things up by making an appointment to test drive both of your dream cars or rent one for the day! Take the keys and let the road be your map. Guide her to your favorite spot or a surprise picnic at sunset. Either way, a joy ride with your favorite person will never disappoint.

Find your inner Picasso

Time to let your creativity shine. While it’s easy to go out and pay copious amounts of money on the newest accessory that she’s been eyeing for months, styles change and material gifts like that never satisfy the heart. So, grab a couple canvases, some paint and a few brushes and make something beautiful. While you both sip on wine and create a masterpiece, you’ll have made a sweet keepsake that is sure to bring a smile to her face every time she sees it.

Winner takes All

Bring out your inner child and head over to the arcades or Amusement Park for some competitive action. Whether you’re secretly a pool – champ or top – bowler, you’re sure to spice things up with some eclectic fun! If you’re heading to the amusement park, get there at sunset to enjoy the cool and crisp weather (and get some great photos too). Work your way through the park, trying out different foods and games. Face your fears and maybe get on a ride or two. Plus, which girl wouldn’t like an oversized teddy bear to take home won by her favorite man?

Beach waves or City Lights

Make it a weekend getaway to the beach or city. Whether you both are in the mood for some relaxation by the beach or exploring a new town, surprise her with a new adventure. Go to a place where you both haven’t been before. Use it as an excuse to indulge in scenic tours or a massage by the beach – it’ll be an unforgettable experience for the both of you!

Recreate the moment it all began

We certainly saved the most precious for last. Surprise her by recreating the day or evening you fell for her. Whether it was love-at-first-sight or after an adventure, bring back those memories as a token of your appreciation of her. No matter how stubborn or tough she may be, underneath it all is the soft-hearted girl who adores you to pieces. And, she’ll melt at the opportunity to relive the moments with you.

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