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“To be successful, one has to move beyond what has come before.” – Gary Shapiro, Ninja Innovation

Communication is paramount. There are going to be disagreements, that is how a team works but you have to learn to be emotionally intelligent and work towards listening and hearing what your team is saying. No one has achieved success alone and disagreements are a part of life, nothing to be afraid of, it’s how you handle them that allow you to achieve success.


It is truly stated that Strategic Planning serves as the foundational framework that stimulates change to reach a goal. Strategizing should serve, not only as a foundation, but a medium for continuous improvement in order to allow for growth. A successful strategy is a living strategy that allows for change. Think critically of the goals you’d like to achieve and analyze the methods for the multitude of paths that can be taken to achieve them.

1. Set your goals- Ask yourself, what is it that you need to achieve?
2. Note the obstacles – What will it take to get you there? What items must be completed before you can get where you need to go?
3. Tips:- Evaluate which items are considered easy or difficult – Circle the easy ones, Square the difficult.
4. Balance the act. For every easy task, tackle 1 hard one.
5. Repeat until list has been completed.

Our minds are naturally attuned to tackling the easiest of tasks first. However, the methodology of focusing your attention on secondary priorities is the reason for which we have a bucket of half-finished goals as opposed to a handful of achieved ones. Stick to the mantra – “Complete It or Kill It”. You’ll soon realize that equally completing tasks keep individual productivity at a high-level and your To-Do lists rather small.

Think beyond the present and focus on the future. Ask yourself questions to re-evaluate the goals that will continuously change as you progress. As previously mentioned, strategic planning induces a plethora of constant change. Growth enables progression – progression catalyzes success.

Think Outside the Box
Business is how the world works – plain and simple. However, successful businesses give the world value but no successful empire kept its dealings on a small scale. That same vision can be applied individually. Think of what it is that you want to be and how you achieve the goal you’ve set out to achieve. There’s so much to learn from everyone you meet, use your time to keep your mind open to the knowledge to be shared, innovate and always think big to be big.

Take Risks – and Like It
Big time risks yield big time rewards – simply stated and very true. However, it’s easier said than done. At any point in our career, taking a risk and to what stature is questionable. Most people hesitate going out of their comfort zone for fear of failure but, the only way to conquer fear is to face it. Business was made on the foundation of taking risks so embrace them as a stepping stone, the hardest part is letting go.


Presentation is Key
There is no greater mark of credibility than a person who makes it their business to dress well and present themselves in a confident and eloquent manner. Presentation is key and first impressions are crucial. Always uphold your character and confidence in whatever you do. Make it a point to know your position and what value you add to the team and inspire a shared vision.