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We are but Humans afterall
appearance, they say it does not matter,
then the world again judges on fairer & darker,
forsaken third world country’s´ are always the later,
white community evidently thought richer,
rich in possession than that of behavior.

million of years humans lived,
hundred civil wars people dived,
all done for better tomorrow,
again centuries passed, racism did tow,
long after and plainly will last longer,
oh thanks to obsessive grey matter,
on top of few filthy humans and their nature.

child discarded of schools and playgrounds,
I live in societies, skin tone implants the grounds,
created boundaries physical & mental, these damn colors.

mother cries for her baby over thirst and hunger,
no hopes of landing help just judged based on her color.
you are non-white, low life is you are regarded,
the world doesn´t care, your life, health, desires all depleted,
beaten to death or massacre it maybe,
none will shed real tears, few goods ones be,
thousands may revolt, all out of inoccupancy,
rebel diminished not with resolve but with bribery.

I am the voice, the voice of all creatures,
humans or ants, it does not anymore matters.
black, brown, white all but are creations of nature,
none superior or inferior, all same just try to nurture,
death is inevitable so is the decay of this body,
so why not support all humans till we are holding this anatomy.
in this lively blue planet, all are born equal,
henceforth all are one and Earth is for all.

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