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WiSTEM Nepal is organizing “National & International Panel Discussion Session “to create the common platform for sharing the experiences, knowledge and inspire the young women of today. The panel discussion holds the discussion with Women Technologist and Women Entrepreneurs who are building their successful career, innovative ideas, and companies, supporting other female entrepreneurs along the way on STEM careers in Nepal and across the world.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) field has the huge gender gap over women in the world as women perusing STEM subjects and Technology is only 24%. WiSTEM Nepal will be covering the topics like:

  • Root causes for this gender gap
  • Biased STEM careers in the world
  • Possible Solutions
  • Mentoring , awareness and confidence building

STEM subjects can transform existing gender-based inequalities into opportunities and contribute to achieving gender equality, economical, social development and empowerment of women. Hence Panelists will share their experiences what inspired them to start their  ideas, businesses, demystify the process for scaling a company, and offer advice for other aspiring Women Technologist and Tech Entrepreneurs, therefore we would like to invite female programmers, tech-students and women entrepreneur to participate into the discussion this Sunday, 20th December 2015.

Our Panelists:

Yuliya Zhuk, Geologist (Uppsala University, Sweden)

Yuliya Zhuk is a Geologist studied Natural Science-Geology, Master Student at Uppsala University, Sweden. She is currently doing the geography Research work after earthquake in Nepal. She has worked as Translator at Uzwater, Sweden. She believes high speed of IT development show the importance of programming on geology as on GIS (Geographic Information System). She will be covering the Geology-Programming on Python.

Ludwine Probst, Data Processing & Analysis (France)

Ludwine Probst is a French back-end developer, especially working on data processing and analysis with Apache Spark and Java. She is involved in France with women communities like ladies who code, women tech-makers and girls in Tech. She is here in Asia (Nepal, Laos, Cambodge, Indonesia and Thailand) for Research, to share our experiences and to understand how IT works outside France and Europe..

Anton Fjodorov, JS Developer (Swace Digital AB,Sweden)

Anton Fjodorov is a JS Developer at Swace Digital AB, France and has gained high expertise in web and system development. He was also involved as IT Consultant at Softronic, He was enrolled in Uppsala School of Entrepreneurship and did Master’s thesis on augmented Commerce Association. ACA was an experimental project, whose aim was to lift up or augment existing Swedish e-commerce.

Chhaya Kc, Business Development & Instructor (Edushala, Nepal)

Chhaya Kc is a Business Developer and Customer Relationship Manager at Edushala, managing Edushala’s network of instructors. She most recently conceptualized and executed the 18th Word Warrior event at Edushala featuring Mr. Samrat Upadhya and managed to successfully organized team building for more than 30+ people for The World Bank and N-cell. MS. KC has also three years of experience as Program Coordinator in customer relations management, logistics management and developing education, hygiene, and safety events for children with Kathmandu Infants Development Society. She is also Community Manager-General secretary at Kathmandu Infants Development Society.

Moderated by: Binita Shrestha; CEO/Co-Founder , WiSTEM Nepal

Event Details:

Date: 12/20/2015

Time: 11:00am to 12:00 PM
Venue:  Basantapur (Heritage 1770 Restro and Bar ), Kathmandu, Nepal

Organizer: WiSTEM

Supported by : Edushala, Haushala Creative.





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