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Everything is so peaceful.

It’s Saturday, and that means comfort. The one day vacation. What should we do? Invite relatives? Go for shopping? Take a long drvie to the outskirts of Kathmandu? Go to the top of Dharara?

No, please don’t go there.

You’ll probably take a long nap. I’m pretty sure. Although do wake up before it’s noon.

And as for some people not far away, they’ll probably brag about their  flat on top of the tallest apartments.

You’ll regret it later on. That little girl is studying on the top floor of her house.

That man is taking too long in the shower.

Can somebody tell him something?

That woman has sensed the weather. She knows something bad is going to happen. Yes, tell everyone, it’s going to happen.

His house is weak. Does he not know that? Why won’t he listen to his engineer?

There’s a baby playing in her little bed. Somebody tell her mother to attend her.

I can see everything. I can see everyone.

But I’ll watch. There’s nothing left to do.

Good luck to all of you, even if you can’t hear me.

Buck up now. It’s 11:56 am.


Image Source : National Geographic

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