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A day like every other day, cool breeze chill surrounding and a weird feeling of cold weather even in April-May. An off day and a day to spend with all that I wanted to do, spend time with family or indulge myself with the things I adore. Neither had I thought like anyone of us that the day would be such a black day, a day which none of us would like to remember but it will be alive within us in our every breath. A fear that has dug in deep inside and the feeling of death that cannot be explained in words.

Never had I thought the same place where had I been just an hour before will be only in my memory now.  Laid relaxed listening to the music suddenly my mind got blank; all I could see was the tearing walls of my room. The music that was in my ear had no sense and all that was in my mind was death and the prayer. Those few seconds that were longer than a lifetime, that feeling which even the enemies would have never required feeling, and that struggle for life which made huge human causalities, collapsed the heritages and made people homeless would be a tale for coming days.

Who had we expected to spend nights under a tent along with thousands of other people and seeing the destruction in front of our eyes?  Who had we predicted to be homeless in less than a minute and loss of family member?

Fighting for our existence, surviving under the fund of other people, helpless and dishearten the life which we have now surely has taught the significance of life, own and others. Our lives stopped, we were thrilled and moreover helpless in the hand of nature. The rich and the poor, the old and the young, the fit and sick all came into the same sky.

Yes, I survived but the circumstance of my nation brings tears to my eyes the pain in my heart. The places and things which were treasured by our ancestors will be under pictures and stories.  We broke down, we will have to crawl again but our heads are held up high. We will stand up again, like a baby, we will grow again, we will rise and shine. We prayed we will work, we will be back again…

Featured image : Anup Shakya

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