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The Battlefield

Yet again,
The fire in me has died a little.

In this big universe,
I felt like a very small matter.
Something that occupied space
And had mass.
That was the only matter I could ever relate to.

In this big planet,
The earth,
The matter I was,
Had a slight different perception.
I was,
Something that occupied quite some space
And had quite a mass.

As I stepped out of the bus this evening,
A group of young boys,
Called me names.
Though a repeated routine,
Impact always immense.
As the air around me
Filled with their “so called humor”
And giggles,
I felt suffocated.
I blared up the music,
Stuffed in my headset,
And paced down the alley that leads me back home.

With each of my hurried steps,
The fierce battle in my head continued.
That ambush of words,
Injured a very important member of the troop,
My soul

With my slowing pace and running mind,
I question,
Can a ship sink,
When no water reaches inside?
Hidden in the question,
My injured soldier finds his potion,
Fights the battle,
And wins.
And there,
My disheartened self finds the answer.

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