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Dear cold,
My whole body is shivering
just because of you.
Emotions were just about to melt
and you happened.
Yes you,
you came as an early 4 am breeze
Freezed my emotions
before it get spilled around.

Coffee and coffee mug in cold cause winter is here

Photo: Pinterest

Goosebumps at your 0° temperature
reminds me of myself
shaking hand with coffee.
and, piles of a book beside it.
Words feels like a medicine to me now
Teasing me to get more of it
Whoa ! you and your charisma
Now i can date with my solitude
and no one to restrict
cause winter is here.

Trembling hands
Paper on the desk
and a blue ink
ready to paint the paper with words
words nurturing a warmth
a perfect fabric for a logophile.
This euphoric me is real me
a soul filled with gusto
cause winter is here.

Now, its just a matter of fortnight
until a scorching sun attempts
to melt my persona.

Dear cold,
If only i had a supernatural power
I would make your presence static over me.
till the age of eternity.

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